This archive contains digital copies of several historic family documents, dating back to 1729 while some are as recent as 1923.

1: Scotland

Series 1 is a variety of documents from Scotland including contracts and marriage contracts, wills and tacks. These all came over from Scotland with Moses and Jessie.
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2: Scotland, lawyer's letters

Series 2 also came over from Scotland and is a set of letters from his lawyers to John Campbell, detailing John’s not-always-successful business dealings.
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3: Jessie's Blenheim journal & NZ letters

Series 3 is Jessie’s journal from her time aboard the Blenheim and several letters she wrote home after she arrived in New Zealand. The originals of these are all lost but we have we presume are pretty good copies, and copies are also held in the National Library.
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4: Whanganui

Series 4 is a set of letters and legal documents dating from Moses and Jessie’s time in Whanagnui as well as their son Ewen’s.
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5: Miscellaneous

Series 5 is labelled ‘miscellaneous’ as it is 20th century documents that don’t really fit in anywhere else.
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