CWM-1/04 Discharge, Donald Cameron to Duncan Campbell, 1739






[1]Know all Men by these presents Me Donald Cameron
Second lawfull son to Duncan Cameron of Clouns Forasmuch as
by Contract of Marriage past betwixt Margaret Campbell
Second lawfull Daughter to Duncan Campbell Tacksman of
Achinsicallan On the one & other parts dated at Achinsi-
:callan in Glenorchy and Clouns the eight day of August And
Eleventh day of December One thousand Seven hundred and
thirty nine years for the Causes therein Specified prestable
on my part The Said Duncan Campbell bound & oblig’d
Him his Aires Exectrs. & Successors to Content & pay me my
Aires Exectrs. & Assigneys the Sum of Nine hundred Merks
Scots Money att the terms following viz. the Sum of four
Hundred and fifty Merks money foresaid thereof at the term
of Mertimes than next to come And the Sum of Four hundred
& fifty Merks like money at the term of Mertimes one thousand
Seven hundred & Fourty years in Compleat payment & Satisfaction
to the said Donald Cameron & Maragret Campbell his spouse of the
foresaid haill sum of Nine hundred Merks Money foresd with
Ninety Merks of penaltie for each terms failzie And [annual?]rents of:
:foiring to the saids [repite?] Moieties after the respective terms of
payment thereof while payment of the same And Seeing
Notwithstanding the said terms of payment The Said Duncan Camp:
:bell at my earnets request & desire and for Outredding of business
to my advantage has made payment to me of the said Sum of
Nine hundred Merks Whereof I grant the receipt Therefore I
exoner quite claim & Simplicter Discharge the said Duncan Campbell
his heirs exers & Succrs of the said sum of Nyne hundre Merks
penalty & expences thereof contain’d in the said Contract of
Marriage & of the said Contract of Marriage itself haill heads
Articles Clauses tenor effect and Contents thereof with all that
has or may follow thereon And of all Executrie Legacy or any
other thing whatsomever I can ask claim or crave as Husband to
the said Maragret by and throw the Decease of the said Duncan
Campbell and be and throw the Decease of Florence Cameron
his spouse any manner of way Except Good will Allenerly
And binds & oblidges Me to warrand Acquitt & defend this my
Discharge at all hands & against all deadly as law will Con:
:senting to the registration hereof in the books of Counsell
& Session or any others Competent therein to remain for Con:
servation & Constitutes
My prors In witness wherof (written by John Smith Re:
:sidenter in MaryBurgh) I have subscribed this presents on
Stampt paper at MaryBurgh the Sixteenth day of November
One thousand Seven hundred & thirty nine years before
these witnesses John Cameron Son to Young Drummafhallie
Student at MaryBurgh and the Said John Smith writer


Donald Cameron

John Cameron wittness Jo: Smith witness

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