CWM-1/06 Bond of Provision, Duncan Campbell to Ann Campbell, 1740


[1]Be it Known to all men by this presents me Duncan
Campbell in Achinsicallan Foreasmuchas by my Disposition
and Assignation of this date I have made over and Disponed
to and in favours of Patrick Campbell my Eldest Lawfull
son procreat betwixt me and Florence Cameron my Second
Spouse All and Sundry the movable goods gear and
Debts which should pertain or be Addebted to me the time
of my Decease with and under the provisions reservations
facultys and Declarations therein mentioned and particularly
with and under the Burden of paying to Ann Campbell
my third Lawfull Daughter procreat betwixt me and the
said Florence Cameron whatever provisions I had made
or Should make in her favours And it being just and
Reasonable that the said Ann Campbell my third Law
:full Daughter Should be provided Therefore and
for the love and Favour I have and Bear to the said Ann
Campbell with [the?] me to be bound & Obliged Likeas I
hereby with and under the powers Facultys provisons
reservations & Declarations underwritten bind & Oblige
me my heirs and Successors to make good & Thankfull
payment to her of the sum of Eight Hundred Merks Scots
money and that at and against the first term of whitsun:
:day or mertinmas next and Immediately following my
[Decease wi]th a fifth part more of Liquidate penalty
[–?–] Failzie together with the due and ordinary
[–?– t]he said portion and provision from and after
the said term of payment [–?–] and while payment and
in case of the decease of the said Ann Campbell before her
said portion is payable to her or Even therefater and
Failzing heirs of her own body I appoint & ordain the
said portion or provision to pertain and Belong to
the said Patrick Campbell which provision [above] writen
I hereby Expressly provide and Declare to be in full and
Compleat payment and Satisfaction to my sd. Daughter
of all and whatsomever Executry Legacy Legittim Bairns
part or gear or any thing Else whatsomever which She
might Claim Crave or Demand through my Decease or
the Decease of her said Mother any Manner of way
And Further it is hereby provided and declared that

[Dun. Campbell]

[2]whatever I shall ley out or bestow upon the said Ann Camp:
:bell my Daughter her Education or Even what Sums of
money I shall happen to give her during my lifetime
is no ways to be imputed to her in payment of the
provisions hereby Concieved in her Favours which
shall notwithstanding thereof Continue Intyre to her
Declaring also hereby that it shall be in my
power at whatever time I please to Incress or Dimi
:nish the provision aforsaid made in favours of my
said Daughter or Even to Cancell this pressents
But in Case I Shall do neither Then this pressents
and Declared valid and Effectuall in her Favours
whither the same is found in my own or the Custody
of any other person the time of my Decease hereby
dispencing with the sames not being delivered Con;
senting to the Registration hereof in the Books
of Councill and Session or others Competent for pre:
servation or Execution as Effiers and thereto I Con:
My Procurators &c In witness whereof I
have Subscribed this presents Consisting of this and
the preceeding page of Stampt paper (written by Dun:
:can Campbell writer in Lorn) At Achinsicallan
the Twentie Second Day of Jully JajvijC and Fourtie years Before these
witnesses Colin Campbell of Invergaunan and th[e said] Duncan
Campbell writer hereof

[Dun. Campbell]

Colin Campbell wittness
Dun Campbell witnes

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