CWM-1/21 Will, Patrick Campbell, 1780

[cover]Latter Will & Testament
Patrick Campbell
In favours of
John Campbell
[1]I Patrick Campbell Tacksman of Auch, tho’ at present
indisposed and confined to bed, yet being of sound & perfect
Memory and Judgement, I have resolved to settle my affairs in
my own lifetime that all differences that may fall put there:
:anent after my decease may be obviated and prevented, I Do
therefore make this my Latter Will and Testament in manner
following – I hereby Nominate and appoint John Campbell
my eldest lawful Son, to be my Sole and universal Executor
Legatar and Intromitter with my whole Goods Gear, Corn Cattle
Debts, Sums of Money and other Moveables whatsoever pertain:
:ing to me, or whereunto I may have right, any Manner of
way at the time of my decease, and falling under Testament
to whom I leave and bequeath the Same, with power to
the said John Campbell my Son, to give up Inventory & con:
:firm Testament as Accords, Declaring always that these
presents are granted with the burden of the payment of
my lawful Debts and Funeral charges, and also with the
burden of the payment of any Legacies or provisions, that
I have already made, or may hereafter Make, in favour
of Ann Campbell my Spouse or my Children, and this my
Latter Will & Testament to all and Sundry to whom it may
concern I publish and Make known Consenting to the
Registration hereof in the Books of Council & Session or
others Competent therein to Remain for preservation and
for that effect I Constitute
My Prors &c In witness whereof I have Subscribed
these presents, (written on Stamped paper by William
Mackenzie Writer in Inveraray) at Auchinshicallan
The Twenty first day of October One Thousand Seven
Hundred and Eighty Years before these Witnesses Lieutenant
Patrick Campbell Tacksman of Ardshiel and the said William
Mackenzie writer hereof
Pat Campbell
Pat. Campbell Witness
Will Mackenzie Witnes

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