CWM-2/2 Letter, Robert Scott to John Campbell, 1818

[cover] John Campbell Esq.
of Auch
[1] Copy [–?–] Mr Scott Moncrieff to
Cameron Scott & Bowie. 10th.
April 1818
Mr. Scott Moncrieff with best respects to Messrs.
Cameron & Scott the state he has formed of Accounts
between Inverliver and the representatives of Mr. A. Camp:
:bell with the Dft. of his intended Decree arbitral,
which they will return after revisal and with any re:
:marks they may make therein, within 8 days hence
Copy Messrs. Cameron Scott & Bowie
Answer dated 15 April 1818
Messrs. Cameron Scott and Bowie return their
best respects to Mr. Scott Moncrieff and consider it necessary
to acknowledge his card of the 10th. with the Dft.
Decree Arbitral between Inverliver and Mr. A. Camp
:bell’s Representatives with the relative state of
Accounts, because Inverliver has lately gone from his
residence at Ayr to attend, for a few weeks, his
concerns in the Highlands and until his return
they have no opportunity of sending these papers, as to
the matters of which they are themselves strangers, for
his own personal consideration but this will to
be delayed a day after they are informed of Inver
livers return to Ayr.
[2] Edinr. 20 April 1818
Dear Sir
I wish much I had been
aware of your not having gone for
the Highlands, because whilst I am sorry
for the cause that prevented you, I would
before now have communicated to you
in your concerns with Sonachan. In this
letter I will confine myself entirely
to the subject of the prefixed Copies and
of the Papers that accompany it in the
Packet, & I must beg of you to have in
view that to this business I am alto:
:gether a stranger, but that is of little
[3]or no consequence as it is now so nearly at
an end. because you will see that Mr. Scott
Moncrieff has made up a State of Accounts &
is about to Decree agt. you for £478·6·10d.
besides [–?–] since 7 April 1806, and the
share of the arbiters & Clerks fees which
are generally paid by the parties equally.
I beg your very particular attention to
the State, and that before you leave home
you will be so good as to
return it & the [–?–] of the decree Arbitral with all the
Remarks that you think can be useful
to you, but unless they are clearly to be
favourable we must not make matters
worse by unavailing of position. This
Claim will be an important consideration
in the providing of money, and every way de:
[4]:serves your best consideration
I am
Dear Sir
your mo Obd. St.
Robt. Scott

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