CWM/5-2 Letter, Richard Wilson to Ewen Campbell, 1904


28 Great King Street
Edinburgh 23d. June 1904
Dear Mr. Campbell
My wife who is at present
laid up with a slight attack of
Jaundice asks me to acknowledge
receipt of your kind letter to her,
which we were glad to receive
and which came to hand on 20th.
Your Grand Father Mr. John
Campbell, (Auch) on the death of
his father left the Army, to take
up his Succession to the Estate of
Inverleiver on the Banks of Loch
Awe in Argyleshire, as also the
remainder of a 99 Year’s Lease of
the Valuable Sheep Farm of Auch,
near Tyndrum, Perthshire be-
-longing to the Marquis of
[2] Marquis of Breadalbane.
The “Invelivers” are an Ancient
Family, and are Cadets of the
Argyle Family, and I have seen
the name of Campbell on Inverliver
as taking part in the raids of
the Earls of Argyle in the old and
turbulent times in the Highlands.
They had besides a large and
influential connection with
numerous highland families in
Argyleshire and Perthshire, for
Your Grand Father had 7 Aunts
who all married Highland Lairds.
Such as Campbells of Melfort;
Campbells of Barcaldine, Mc
Dougall, Dunolly, McDonell,
Glengarry &c. &c. After leaving
the Army Your Grand Father took
up his abode at “Auch” to wear out
the Lease of that place; and he
Married “Susan” Younger daughter
[3] of William Campbell of Glenfalloch
Your Maternal Great Grandfather
(The Ancestor of the present line of the
Breadalbane family), where they
reared and brought up their
numerous family (21 in number)
Many of whom died in infancy.
and it is though her (Your Father’s
Mother), that you are related to the
present Breadalbane Family.
When your Father left this
Country for New Zealand he had
2 Brothers and 3 Sisters alive vizt.
1st. Captain William Campbell who
married an English Lady, both
died, many years ago, without leaving
2d. Colonel Colin Campbell of the Indian
Army who married a Miss MacKenzie
and had 2 Sons – “Wellesley” Indian Army
and “Colin John”. Wellesley became Lt. Col.
Married, had 1 son “Norman” & died in
Calcutta Some Years ago, & his Widow & Son
went I think to the Southern States of North
3d. Jane Butler Campbell, My Wife’s Mother,
who Married in India Lt. James Wright
of the 24th. Regt. Had Issue 3 Sons & 2 daughters
One Son died early (1) George Went out to New Zealand
to your father many years ago, Subsequently went
to Auckland Married & had 1 daughter who married
Mr. Chas. Mason, Auckland, & has 1 Son 17 Years old.
George & his wife both died Several Years ago, (2) James
[4] Obtained Comn. As Lieut. In 1st. West India Regt. Died
at Jamaica shortly after joining his Regt. Of
Yellow Fever. (3) Helen Elizabeth. Married & died after
giving birth to a daughter, who was bought up by my
Wife. She died leaving 3 children, 1 Son who died last
Octr. & 2 daughters unmarried (4) Isabella Wilhelmina
Georgina Carlyle Kent, my Wife, married Richard
Wilson CA Edinburgh in 1864. Son of the late
Major Henry Wilson of Ballo, late of the 72nd.
Regt (Duke of Albany’s own Highlanders) who was
a great friend & Brother Officer for a number of
years of the late Capn. Moses Campbell, and
his wife (my Mother) was also on most intimate
terms with your father from 1816 till 1821 in the
Cape Colony where they were quartered together and
Subsequently when the Regt. Was ordered home till
1826 when my Father retired in Half pay.
his I think answers your question “who
“are you”
4. Eliza Campbell. Married Robert Gray
of Glenorchard. Had 6 Sons and 3
Daughters. Who are all dead except one
Colin Campbell Gray, who married and
has 3 Sons and 2 Daughters. 1 Son
Married & has issue. The others unmarried.
His Wife a Miss Sword died a Number of Years ago.
5. Grace Monzie Campbell. Died
unmarried nearly 40 years ago.
Note. I find I omitted to mention that
Colin John Campbell the Second Son of your
Uncle Col. Colin Campbell who lives in one of the
Suburbs of London followed no profession. And
Married a lady much older than himself, and
has 2 daughters both unmarried.
It was a great pleasure to us to
have met Dr. Mrs. and Miss Earl on Board the
New Zealand Steamer on our return Voyage
[5] from Teneriffe, and it was most kind of Miss
Earl to write your friend Miss Cameron of
our wish to hear particulars regarding the
family of my Wife’s Uncle Moses Campbell,
whom she well remembers, and whose name
and memory was so greatly cherished in
the home of my youthful days. There
were several other New Zealand Families on
Board who made themselves most agreeable,
and shewed us much kindness. Indeed our
Voyage home in the “Corinthic” will ever
be a pleasant memory to us.
Many thanks for your letter and for
all the interesting information it contains, &
also for your Suggestion, that we should extend
our next trip to New Zealand, and for Your
kind and hospitable offer to put us up, while
there. Had we been a few Years Younger &
a little Stronger, nothing we should have
enjoyed better, but at our time of life, & state
of health, it would be rather to great an under-
-taking I fear.
By the bye, I may mention before
closing that my eldest Sister whose 89th Birthday
falls on 27th. inst. Was married to Capn. Patrick
Colin Campbell formerly of the 42d. Highlanders &
latterly of the 60th. Kings Rifles, who was a first Cousin
of your Father, his Father being Major Colin Camp-
-bell, only Brother of your Grand Father.
We don’t have Photos good enough to
Send you just now. At present we are both
on the Sick list, but after we recover, which I hope
will be soon, we shall try & send you one of each.
perhaps you would send us Photos of your wife and
[6] If you wish farther information re-
-garding the Glen Falloch & Breadalbane
Campbells don’t hesitate to ask. My
Wife desires me to say that you should
know all about the distinguished
Clan you are sprung from.
With our united kind regards
I am, Very Sincerely Yours
Richd. Wilson

Copy Letter by William Campbell of
Glenfalloch to his Son William
Glenfalloch 1st. Decr. 1781
Dr. William
I recd. Yours date the 15th. June
last & I am glad to hear of Duncan & you
being in Good health then, after what you have
suffered of fever & Sickness * * *
We have recd. No letters from your Brother Duncan
Which Surprizes me but the Jamaica fleet is not
all got to Clyde as yet. I still think to get a
letter from Duncan by some of them. James
Campbell your Cousin that was married to your
Sister in Cuil Died the beginning of May last.
the old Gentleman your Grandfather dyed the
last week of August last. I had no letters
from Colin since March last he was then well.
Jamie is somewhere in England. In heard from
him lately he was then well. I had a letter from
Archie in Septr. Last and he was then well. They
are all Lieuts. as yet. Your brother John is an
Ensign in the Argyle fencibles. I purchased an
Ensigncie for your brother Alexr. In the 97th Regt.
he Setts of soon to Join the regiment. Your
Sister Susie was married in Decr. 1780 to Lieut.
John Campbell, Auch.
* * * * *
Note. The Vacant spaces refer to money matters
From the above it appears Wm. Campbell of Glenfalloch had seven Sons
viz William, James, John, Duncan, Colin, Archie, Alexander
(and the “James Campbell” designed “your Cousin” was I think
Campbell of Loch Dochart not far from Glen Falloch)
and 2 Daughters viz The Daughter who married Lochdochart & whose name I don’t know
and Susan or Susie who Married your Grand Father
Lieut. John Campbell, Auch.
[2] Note At the time of the Succession of the
Glenfallochs to the Breadlabane Peerage
The Issue of the Eldest son of your Grand-
father “William Campbell” had failed. So
Succession fell to the Heirs of the Second Son
“James” viz John Alexander Gavin Campbell his Son
who dies a few years afterwards, and was
Succeeded by the present Marquis, but the
Title was disputed unsuccessfully by the Grand Son of John
Campbell Boreland, Lieut. Charles Wm. Campbell
2d. Bengal Cavalry afterwards Major General. Whose
Son a very fine Boy failing heirs of the present
Marquis (who has no Children) & his Brother The
Honble. Ivan Campbell who has an only son said
to be delicate, would be sure if he survives to
come in & failing him a Cousin, son
of Col. Colin George Lorne & Genl. Campbell’s brother.
These Borelands we were on the most
intimate terms with, & they used to spend
Six weeks or a Month at a time with us
at a Shooting I had in the West Highlands
on a Lease for 7 Years, a Number of Years

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