CWM-1/03 Discharge, John Cameron to Duncan Campbell, 1739


[cover] Discharge





[1] Know all men me John Cameron younger of Culchoman
Forasmuch as by Contract of marriage past betwixt Issobell
Campbell [–?–] my spous Lawful daughter to Duncan Campbell in
Achichinchcallan and me on the ane and other parts dated the

day of February and

day of March

Last For the causes therin specified prestable on my part the said
Duncan Campbell bound and obliged him his aires exirs and successors
to content and pay me my aires exirs and assigneys the Somme of
one thousand merkes Scots at Whitsunday next with two hundreth
merks of penalty and [annual?]rent thereafter during not payment as the
said Contract of marriage more fully bears and [–?–] notwithstand
:ding the said tearme of Whitsunday is not yet come that the said
Duncan Campbell at my earnest request and desyre and for outredding
of bussinesse to my advantage hath made payment to me of the said
somme of one thousand merkes wherof I grant the receipt
therfore I exoner quyt clayme and Simpliciter discharge the said
Duncan Campbell his aires exirs and successores of the said somme of
one thousand merkes two hundreth merkes penalty and [annual?]rent
therof contained in the said Contract of marriage and of the said
Contract of marraige it self haile heads articles clauses to [–?–]

effect and contents therof with all that has or may follow theron
And of all exiry legacy or any other thing whatsomever I can ask
clayme or crave as husband to the said Issobell by and throu the
deceasse of the said Duncan Campbell and by and throu the deceasse
of Florence Cameron his spouse any manner of way except good will
allanerly And binds and oblidges me to warrand acquit & defend
this my discharge at all hands and against all deadly as Law
will consenting to the registration herof in the books of Counsell
and Session or any others competent therin to remayne for conservat[ion]

and constitutes

my prors in witnesse

wheroff written by Alexr. Stewart writer in AppineI have subd
these presents on stampt paper at [–?–] the fourth day
of January one thousand seven hundreth and thretty nyne
years before these witnesses John Campbell of Ballebolan and the
said Alexr. Stewart

John Campbell witness
Alexr. Stewart witness

John Cameron